Firstly forget any pre-conceived ideas you may have about Round Table.  It is fun, friendly and rewarding, just ask any Round Tabler and he will tell you that the movement expands horizons and gives you a passport to a world-wide fellowship.


Round Table is a social club with a conscience for men between the ages of 18 and 45.
Round Table is all about having fun, friendship and trying something new and exciting.  From sports to arts, behind the scenes tours, speaker nights, international visits and also family social events, Round Table prides itself on giving its members the chance to embrace life to the full and put simply if it isn’t fun it isn’t done!
Members come from all walks of life and join for enjoyment and as way of getting involved in the local community.  Membership of Round Table also has many benefits as it helps to create confidence and character.  It enables people to take part in debate, organising functions, running meetings and events, improves the ability to speak out in public and will build leadership skills.  Being a member of Round Table can help you enhance your personal strengths like no other organisation.
Round Table opens up wonderful opportunities to become more involved in your local community and meet new friends from across the UK and the world.
Helping others while having great fun and enjoying new experiences is at the very heart of Round Table and Nationally raises millions of pounds for worthy causes along the way.

Join us

So if you want to meet like minded people from all walks of life and get the chance to broaden your horizons why not contact us and come along to the next meeting? You have no idea what you’re missing!  Your only limit is you imagination!