Soapbox 2014

Not long to go before the 2014 soapbox race on Sunday 24th August! For more details and to register your soapbox click here.

A Soap Box Race that will change Mankind as we know it.  Bankswood Park, Hadfield is the track for this race, imagine terminal velocity in a soap box with the crowds chanting your name and team to victory.  Is your soap box the best? Is your soap box the envy of all other soap box racers?  Do you and your team exude confidence knowing that your going to be the first ever champions of this monumental event?  Come on, get the soap box built, get involved, be part of the first ever Bankswood Soap Box Derby, hear your name being screamed and chanted by your fans.   Get your soap box from top to bottom of Bankswood Park in the quickest time to gain immortality.

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